Layout is key with WordPress design

When you’re considering a new website design or layout, possibly one you’ve seen from a competitor, layout is a key component that should be the primary focus for your developer.

Sites with multiple clicks will drive your customers away. No one wants to go to a website that requires 3, 4, 5 clicks to GET TO THE POINT! As a WordPress developer, I can’t stand sites that require multiple clicks. Just imagine scrolling through Amazon and how difficult it is to find the best product for the best price except you’ve got a client that has come DIRECTLY to your site because they know your product, do you really want them to have to jump through hoops to get to when they want?


When I create a site, I not only want to make a site that looks good but also gets straight to the point/product QUICKLY.

There are too many sites with too many pages.

That’s why when you visit this website, everything is a scroll (as well as a click) on a SINGLE page.

Single-page layouts are all 90% of businesses need right now. They’re also a lot more inexpensive to create, which is my goal.

As a WordPress specialist, I can deliver a site based on your needs even if that site requires MORE than one page. (Some sites do)

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